About Me

Hello everyone my name is Stefano...


Even though my brand story is quite recent, my passion for this work started a long time ago.


Since I was a child i’ve always been fascinated with manual work primarily because of my father passion for craftsmanship, which I clearly inherited.

During my first working days though I took a different path, which at first kept me away from this world, but few time ago I decided that was time for me to throw myself into this new adventure.

I started to create products with the best and most versatile materials not the market, able, with their texture and scent, to evoke something unique and different for everyone:


the leather


The design is curated in details in order to get the best out of the leather I use without disrupt its nature.

I create wallets by hand and using the same care for each piece, so as to offer products that last forever.


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