Glasses case in Green leather

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The Verso Collezioni's glasses leather case, thin and very soft, suitable for most sunglasses and glasses.

Made in Italy 🇮🇹 with the best Tuscan leather.

Entirely handcrafted, each step of the process respects ancient Italian artisan techniques, with the aim of offering a high quality product that last over time.


  • Genuine Italian high quality vegetable tanned pull-up leather
  • Hand stitched with premium cotton threads
  • Minimalist design, one of a kind
  • All the products used to make it are entirely natural and harmless
  • The packaging is reusable and entirely recyclable


All the leathers used are vegetable tanned, this natural treatment gives the final product a very special charm.

You'll get a unique product* thanks to the leather original grain respect and the accentuation of it due to the particular patina that will cover the wallet surface over time.

The leather tanned with tannins allows an easy and environment friendly disposal at the end of the product cycle.


8 cm x 18 cm (3.14"x 7.08")


*each product might be slightly different from the photo because of the different tanning and leather grain.


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